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Product Code : BIO200

5kg Coco Peat Blocks

Made up and compressed of organic coir pith, our 5kg coco peat blocks are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for traditional soil in terms of growing medium.

With good drainage and excellent water retention, coco peat bocks are a great medium for the healthy root development of plants.

To use this product, first, you must soak it in water which will cause it to expand in size. This process will make the solid block lose and reveal fibrous material that can be used for seeding.

With several agricultural benefits, these products are heavily used in hydroponics systems, greenhouse growing, and soil conditioning.

Product Specifications

Size (L x W x Thickness) – 30 cm x 30 cm x 14 cm

Weight – 5kgs (+/- 200g)

Break-out Volume – 65-80 Litres/5kg 

Electrical Conductivity – Low/ High 

pH  – 4.2-6.5

Moisture – Below 18%

Packing Retail – Each block individually packed in HDPE easy-to-carry handle cut bag.

Palletize – 224, 240, 256 nos stacked on standard pallets.

Bulk – Naked blocks loosely loaded in to container.

Quantity/ FCL – Approx. 22-25.6 MT per 40’ft container stacked on standard pallets

        27 MT can be loaded in bulk basis container floor loading

Material – Screened by mesh grade 4.0 mm/ 10 mm/ 12 mm.

Washed/Unwashed, Coco Fibre Pith / Husk Chips or Mixed blocks

Type – FCL HC – 20 pallets/ 5400 pcs Bulk Loading.

For the convenience and commercial use, 5kg coco peat is washed dried and compressed into 5 kg pieces. This 5kg coco peat material has a remarkable ability to re expand without losing its beneficial structure and its natural density. 

Slowly and gradually hydrate the 5kg blocks using 25 liters of water and allow full absorption of the moisture in to the cellulose structure. This is 100 % natural and biodegradable product which can use in Agriculture. And it is most suitable for home gardening, hydroponic growing and also used in nurseries as potting soil base.