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Biocell PVT LTD is a coir based cultivation products manufacturing and distribution company that was incorporated in 2010 with the main factory located in Kurunegala and main headoffice located in Peradeniya Kandy.

With a strong team behind us and guided by the coconut development authority (CDA), we have all the resources needed and are committed to manufacture and distribute our eco-friendly products worldwide.

We mainly focus on manufacturing coconut coir fibre pith and other organic products that are 100% natural that enables us to stay on the right track to getting the world towards a more sustainable future.

Here at Biocell PVT LTD, we also take the quality of our products into serious consideration. Each of our production batches go though a strict quality check before being distributed to ensure our customers get nothing but the highest quality products from us.


Our main mission is to manufacture and distribute eco-friendly coconut coir fibre pith products and other organic products while maintaining production integrity at each stage to provide our customers with the finest quality products possible.


Our vision is to become the leader in manufacturing, trading, and exporting value-added, high-quality, and eco-friendly products with a heavy focus on value optimization for all senses of commitment at each different level of function.

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