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Our Coco Chip Products

Highly sustainable, eco-friendly. and highest quality standard manufactured coco chip products for all your agricultural requirements!

Coco Chip 4kg Blocks

4kg Coco Chip Blocks

4kg coco chip blocks are compressed coconut husk chips that are used as growing materials for a verity of plants with several benefits such as good water holding capacity.

Coco Chip Grow Bags

Chips Mixed Grow Bags

Chip mixed grow bags are used for growing plants and are made up of a mixture of coconut husk chips and other organic materials that is renewable.

Coco Chip Briquettes

Coco Chip Briquettes

Coco chip briquettes are a type of compressed mixture of coconut husks into a block that is used also renewable, sustainable, and is 100% organic as growing materials.

Coco Chip Discs

Coco Chip Discs

Similar to coco chip briquettes, coco chip discs are are mixture of coconut husks that are 100% organic and comes in a circular shape, light weight, and is easy to handle.

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